NKKFR (3x2) With Insulation
NKKFR (3x2) With Insulation Insulation Aluminium Foil Flexible Duct Malaysia, Penang, Kedah, Singapore Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter | Northern NKK Engineering Sdn Bhd
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a) Model: NKKFR (3x2) With Insulation                                                   
b) Fire retardant product 3 Layer External 2 Layer Internal (Class 'O' external only)                                                           
c) Internal Material Used Metallized PET 12micron+Metallized PET 12micron, Steel wire 1.0mm-1.4mm, Water base non-flammable Adhesive modiex                                                            
d) Steel wire pitch 10mm-30mm                                                               
e) External Material Used AL 7micron+ PET 12micron+PET 12micron, Water base non-flammable Adhesive modiex                                                               
f) Insulation Glasswool Thickness 25mm/50mm Density 16kg/32kg/48kg (Poly Glass Fibre Malaysia)                                                         
e) Packaging PE Tubing 0.08mm (packaging Length 0.7m-1.5m)                                                  
f) Standard Size for our product is (25mm)3.3m/5m/ 10m (50mm)3.3m/ 5m.  In the event the need to cut according to other sizes, Minimum Quantity (MOQ) of 1,000m is required.                     
    25mm x16kg/32kg 50mm x32kg/48kg
Size   Length Length
4' (101mm)  
5' (127mm)
6' (157mm)
8' (203mm)
10' (253mm)
12' (304mm)
14' (357mm)
16' (408mm)
18' (459mm)
20' (509mm)

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